Your business can use digital Signage for a variety of different functions

Digital Menu Boards

Use digital signage to create engaging, easy-to-view menus for your restaurant or bar. Digital menus with mouthwatering food images give your customers a way to peruse your offerings in a more sensory and immersive way. If you have different breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, digital signage lets you switch between different displays in seconds. Showcase Displays: Using Showcase Display ads can provide useful information about your business hours, products, deals, discounts, and other important information. For example, if you run an apartment rental office, you can use window displays to advertise your open-plan one- or two-bedroom apartment, or showcase your luxury condo with swimming pool. No matter what message you choose for your digital signage in your window, it can keep potential clients keen to learn more. Point-of-purchase displays: Point-of-purchase displays can be placed anywhere in your business—place them where customers are most likely to buy. If you have a retail store, you can place digital point-of-purchase displays near promotional items, such as late-winter sweaters, to highlight their features, benefits, and attractive sale prices.

Counter Display

If your business includes a sales counter, this is also a great place for digital signage. One study found that point-of-sale digital marketing increased sales by up to 33% for most products studied. You can use point-of-sale digital signage to promote additional items that people can choose from at checkout, such as chocolates, magazines, and lip gloss. Or, you can use it to encourage loyal customers to sign up for a rewards program to get even more amazing benefits from their purchases. Touchscreen Information Station: At a trade show, you can place a digital touchscreen in the center of your booth to provide attendees a fun and interactive way to learn more about your business. Inside your business, you can offer touchscreen stations where customers can check out different sizes in other stores or learn about new upcoming products. You can also use the digital screen to display a five-star review of your business or showcase the certifications and awards you’ve earned. By doing this, you inform your customers about your company values ​​and commitment to great customer service.


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