What method can be used to choose a more energy-saving outdoor LCD advertising machine?

The concept of energy saving is what all walks of life are pursuing and exploring. More energy-saving products mean that companies can save money. The Outdoor LCD Kiosk advertising machine industry is no exception. How customers can choose more energy-saving and environmentally friendly LCD advertising machines can be obtained from Some two-handed approach!

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  1. LED backlight:

In the outdoor LCD advertising machine, the first thing to consider is to choose an energy-saving LED backlight LCD advertising machine. From the current point of view, products equipped with LED backlights are much more energy-efficient than ordinary products equipped with CCFL backlights, and the average level is much lower than that of LCD advertising machines with LED backlights.

  1. Automatic backlight adjustment function:

It is best to choose an outdoor LCD advertising machine with an automatic backlight adjustment function. This technology can sense the lighting conditions of the surrounding environment and select the appropriate screen brightness according to the characteristics of the screen content. Through actual tests, outdoor LCD advertising machines equipped with this function perform better in terms of energy saving than LCD advertising machines with constant power consumption.

The above is the introduction of how to choose a more energy-saving outdoor LCD advertising machine, hoping to bring help to friends who need to buy outdoor LCD advertising machines.


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