What kind of function should the software of outdoor equipment advertising machine achieve?

Outdoor equipment advertising machine is an intelligent outdoor LCD display device that integrates advertising, e-commerce promotion, information release, and interactive application. In addition to its own display function, it should also have many other interactive functions. Such as multimedia playback, split screen display, weather information, terminal management, automatic download, terminal monitoring, record statistics and other functions. It allows users to interact with human-computer, and can retrieve the content they want to watch at any time, and collect data according to the statistics of viewing records, so as to grasp the content and information that people are most interested in, and improve the collection of market information.

Outdoor equipment advertising machine has the functions of multimedia playback, weather information display, split-screen display, playback strategy selection, terminal management, automatic download, timing switch machine, record statistics, terminal monitoring and other functions. And launched a new remote environmental monitoring system. Based on cloud platform management, the advertising machine can be monitored throughout its life cycle, and the environmental data of the outdoor advertising machine terminal can be collected and stored, and the monitoring data information can be viewed and sorted at the remote end. It can detect data and status such as temperature and humidity, access control, water immersion, smoke, vibration, PM2.5, solar radiation, electricity, etc., and also control and manage the cooling system, and automatically remind when the data is abnormal, which is convenient for users to monitor and Maintaining outdoor advertising machine equipment is of great significance to equipment maintenance.


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