What is the Internet multimedia advertising machine?

The multimedia advertising system is a new type of information system integrating internet technology, multimedia technology, self-service e-commerce technology and bank card payment technology. It provides various services to the public through the supervision and integration of government, enterprises or communities.


For the public, touch screen digital signage is a new type of comprehensive convenience service center that provides public information services such as information inquiry, online payment and online shopping. It can be either floor-mounted or wall-mounted with the option of installing wheels or outdoor fixing screws . It is always available, everyone will use, so that the real integration of e-commerce into the lives of ordinary people, leading the fashion trend. This can be set to multi-touch, up to 32 contacts. hd digital signage media player High-resolution screens also give customers a quality experience.

For enterprises, the use of liquid crystal touch screen kiosk is equivalent to the city has an unmanned storefront, a new sales channel integration system. The kiosk system is also a comprehensive audio-visual emerging interactive media, is a localized information dissemination and dissemination center. Businesses do not have to spend large sums of money to establish storefronts, hire employees, the use of kiosks system can face mass consumption channels, which is the enterprise to achieve low-cost expansion shortcut. The same is also to increase the promotion of product interaction with customers, improve customer shopping experience!

For the government, the Android touchscreen kiosk, which Android and Windows can choose from, makes it a brand new, convenient public service. This is the way in which the government and the government work together to do practical work for the people. To popularize information services and eliminate the digital divide, such as building urban informatization means, is also the construction of a government information platform.