What are the Special requirements for customized outdoor lcd display

We are often asked by customers, whether you can add a camera to your outdoor LCD display, can you customize the LOGO, can you customize the size, can you install special software, etc., hoping to meet the basic functions of the advertising machine while also playing more Multiple uses.

Nowadays, many customers are more and more particular about the customization of outdoor lcd display, and there are various special requirements from appearance to function. This also proves that customers attach great importance to advertising investment, and customized outdoor advertising machines can be given to them. The publicity effect you want!

If it is a custom-designed product, software debugging for the advertising machine is also required. For example; electronic newspaper reading software, highway toll display, or network remote, these are all customized outdoor high-definition touch screens. It is different from the ordinary board with reserved VGI and HIMD interfaces. Therefore, the requirements for WIFI and 3G antennas are very high, and professional outdoor LCD display manufacturers are required to complete the installation and commissioning.


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