What are the components of the outdoor advertising machine?

  1. Outdoor advertising touch screen shell: full galvanized steel cabinet, imported metal paint on the surface, anti-magnetic, anti-static, imported waterproof material, the whole machine adopts IP65 waterproof, outdoor all-weather waterproof and dustproof, anti-theft, explosion-proof, and other designs;
  2. Electrical protection: leakage, overload, overvoltage protection, lightning protection device, over temperature protection, etc.;
  3. Audio: Dual-channel, stereo surround power amplifier system;
  4. The working environment temperature design standard is +50°~ -20°, and the cooling system is divided into air-conditioning cooling and airflow cooling;
  5. Protective glass: 6mmAR+ fully tempered heat-insulating anti-glare glass;
  6. Each system adopts the principle of modular design, sustainable and maintainable design;
  7. Machine fixing method: use multiple screw columns poured from the ground, interspersed to the bottom of the machine, and fixed with nuts;
  8. Light perception and overheating protection system: The screen backlight of the outdoor advertising touch screen adopts automatic ambient light sensing, real-time adjustment of the screen brightness can meet the clear image display under direct solid sunlight environment, and make the screen not dazzling at night and save energy. When the machine When the internal temperature exceeds the limit of the LCD screen, the thermal management system will immediately respond to shut down the LCD screen to protect the LCD screen from being damaged for a long time in harsh environments.

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