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The Screen LCD And LED Different

What is an LCD?

LCD liquid crystal display Liquid Crystal Display full name, mainly TFT, UFB, TFD, STN and other types of liquid crystal display can not locate the program input point in the dynamic link library. Notebook LCD screen commonly used is TFT. TFT refers to the thin film transistor, each of the liquid crystal pixels are integrated in the pixel behind the thin film transistor to drive, which can be high speed, high brightness, high contrast display screen information, is the best LCD color display device One is now the mainstream display device on laptops and desktops. Compared with the STN, TFT has excellent color saturation, reduction and higher contrast, the sun is still very clear, Marvel to provide high-quality, reasonably priced LCD screen products, including LCD touch screen table,floor stand digital digital ,LCD video wall ect.

waterproof samsung screen kids tablet

waterproof  LCD screen kids tablet

What is the LED?

LED is light emitting diode Light Emitting Diode English abbreviation. LED applications can be divided into two categories: First, LED display; Second, LED single tube applications, including back light LED, infrared LED and so on. Now on the LED display, the level of China’s design and production technology and international synchronization. LED display is composed of light-emitting diodes. It uses low-voltage scanning drive, with: less power consumption, long life, low cost, high brightness, less failure, large viewing angle, visual distance and so on.


Advantages of LCD:

1, light and portable.

LCD display through the screen to control the state of liquid crystal molecules to achieve the purpose of the display, even if the screen increases, its volume will not be proportional to the increase (only increase the size does not increase the thickness of many products so that the wall function can be more Save space) weighs about 1/3 of traditional TV.

2, rich colors.

3, high resolution, high definition. LCD screen, the best resolution of up to 1024X7684, green. LCD display without radiation, there is no screen flicker, not easy to cause visual fatigue.

5, low power consumption, long service life. LCD TV life is generally 50,000 hours, much longer than the average life of the TV.