The core points that LCD outdoor screens must have

When purchasing a large machine such as an lcd outdoor screen, it is necessary to understand what its real core function is. Only by starting from this aspect can we solve our own needs well. In fact, high-quality outdoor advertising machines only need to have core conditions such as high-definition LCD screens, stable power supplies, outdoor cooling solutions, and structural design.

Core one: high-definition LCD screen

The lcd outdoor screen is a product used outdoors. The first thing to satisfy is to have an outdoor high-definition, high-brightness, waterproof and dustproof LCD display. The brightness basically needs to be 1500-2500cd/㎡. It is best to use LCD backlight. For a long service life, it is necessary to select regular LCD industrial-grade A-screens, preferably LG, Samsung and other big-brand LCD screens.

Core 2: stable power supply
When choosing an outdoor advertising machine, in addition to selecting a regular LCD industrial-grade A-screen, a good power supply is also very important. There are many uneven products on the market due to an unsound market system. Choose a regular manufacturer. The production of LCD advertising machines is guaranteed after sale, and the life of general advertising machines can reach 6-10 years, or even longer.

Core Three: Outdoor Cooling Solutions

In the outdoors, we have to face the test of four seasons, the heat in summer and the severe cold in winter, which put forward requirements for the cooling solution of LCD outdoor screens. Therefore, when we purchase outdoor LCD advertising machines, we must focus on understanding advertising machines How does the manufacturer solve the heat dissipation. It can be checked whether its heat dissipation is done through calculation, and secondly, whether it has heat dissipation and solar radiation testing equipment. These factors have a great impact on your product quality.

Core Four: Structural Design

The protection level of the outdoor whole machine is required to meet IP65, and it also has professional cooling channels, convenient maintenance methods, and a solid anti-theft structure. The structure of the whole machine adopts internationally accepted environmentally friendly steel, and the appearance is sprayed with high-quality outdoor powder, with a durability of more than 10 years. The precise shielding structure ensures that the radiation of the whole machine meets the requirements of relevant international standards.


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