Travelling kiosk

Key Benefits Of Digital Signage In Travelling

Compared with traditionl wayfinding kiosk, tourist information kiosk can offer much more plentiful information, people can search the destination on the outdoor digital signage kiosk easily. Besides, people can also watch other news or play games on the travelling kiosk if you are boring when waiting. Even, it can also provide wifi connection, which is very smart and much convenient than traditional kiosk.

Wayfinding function

If you want to go anywhere and can’t find the location, you can seach the according detestination information on travelling kiosk, it will help you navigate their destination and encourages travelers to explore their neaby area with interactive information. The wayfinding capabilities make it easy for travelers to learn about attractions in the area and find the shortest route from point A to point B.

Providing Wi-Fi connection

The tourist information kiosk can also provide Wi-Fi increases property value and creates connectivity throughout the destination. Travelers who want to set up free Wi-Fi on their phone will be attracted to the digital signage. When Wi-Fi is connected, digital signage can send push notifications to users.

Promoting local businesses and shops

Tourist kiosk provides an advertising platform for local businesses. By connecting visitors to local shops and restaurants, shopping malls, hotels etc, the self-service solution allows travelers to explore the area and promotes revenue for local businesses.

Collecting analytics

Collecting analytics is a great way to measure return on investment and the effectiveness of content. Digital signage can be used to gather data and learn more about users. The knowledge gained from analytics can then be leveraged to tailor content for visitors and increase ROI.