Key Benefits Of Digital Signage In SMART POLE (Discontinued)

The 5G application smart pole is actually to mount various sensors ,devices and the lighting equipment on the street light poles, such as charging piles, LCD digital signage screens, high-definition cameras, emergency alarms, 5G network module, parking detection, environmental perception, manhole cover and stagnant water detection,network audio, etc. It’s with smoke, humidity, temperature sensors, and can detect PM2.5. With other functions such as remote power switch, intelligent monitoring, voice and video interaction, face recognition, it makes normal street light pole a smart city information collection terminal and convenience service terminal by using the Internet of Things and Internet technology.This information is for introduction use,we have stop this product line,if you want other solutions, welcome to contact us.

Adjust the brightness automatically

Functional lighting and landscape lighting are effectively balanced with light sensors to adjust the brightness automatically accordingly to different weather and environment.

Interfaces and ports are reserved for 5G network

Interfaces and ports are reserved for 5G network database in the near future accordingly to smart city idea.

Reduced maintenance costs

Real-time reports and controllability, less environmental impact, and expendable infrastructure and scalability.