Key Benefits Of Digital Signage In SMART CITY

With the increasing development of the market economy, LCD digital signage products have gradually demonstrated their own unique functions, especially in smart city construction. It’s now widely used in retailing field, intelligent transportation, hospitals etc.
The high standard display and rich content of LCD digital signage products can enhance the shopping experience of consumers. While enhancing the communication experience of consumers, it can also greatly improve the reputation and image of the store, thereby enhancing the sales performance of users in the retail industry. Through the network advertising machine, users can update and release the latest traffic information such as timetable in time. And we can use use smart city digital signage solutions to allow doctors and patients to interact, provide map-oriented, entertainment information. This not only can simplify the process of medical treatment, but also help relieve the anxiety of patients.

On-site wayfinding

Support residents, visitors, and business communities through dynamic real-time wayfinding, and show people the best way. According to the current GEO location and current perspective, the dynamic map engine will display the best route, and the range and dynamic direction signs will show the route.

Super local community marketing

Ultra-local community marketing solutions and Campaign Management System can achieve location awareness and contextual advertising.Through dynamic messaging based on location, date and time, and other real-time data, consumers can benefit from relevant and relevant advertising.

Guide to City Activities and Food

Provide smart food and nightlife guides for restaurants, bistros, food trucks, bars and clubs based on the correct date and time. Dynamically promote current events or food and nightlife discounts, and introduce breakfast, lunch, dinner discounts or special nightlife events to your citizens through live guides.

4G/5G network hotspot sharing

Smart city solutions offers advertisement more possibilities and can make life easy! When people waiting bus at bus shelter, they can charge their photo and use the sharing 4G/5G network hotspot and can make online phone call.