Key Benefits Of Digital Signage In Bus

When compared to normal Static advertisement, bus station display creates more possibilities. Most audience of static advertisement may be passer-by who is hurry to work everyday and seldom pays attention to what’s new on board. bus stop digital signage can attract people’s attention easily with high resolution and live video when they sit in the bus and have nothing to do. And compared to traditional printed papers, it’s easier and cheaper to update all contents at the same via remote control from the publisher office.

Real-time vehicle arrival information update

The bus stop digital display can show and broadcast real time bus route and distance and help passengers react in time!

Remote intelligent control to play advertisements

Bus digital signage can combine LAN, wifi, 4G, GPS functions together. User can remote control the content from office and distribute to thousands of displays located in different cities.

The first choice for smart city building

As part of smart city, digital bus signs can make it more environmental and intelligent. For example, bus digital signage can combine 4G hotspot, touch pad, phone chargers, network photo call, advertisement etc.