Digital signage for corporate communications saves time and money, and makes everything run smoother. You can use ROI triggers to measure results, which is always a good idea, but there are more general ways to determine if your digital signage is effective, and easy fixes if it needs improvement .Please contact us OR chatting online to know more the details of our products!

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Outdoor Kiosk

Marvel provides outstanding tiled visual performance, supports 24×7 operations and requires minimal installation space. Marvel utilizes cutting-edge ultra-narrow bezel LCD Video Wall resulting in a tiled bezel width as small as 5.5mm, allowing customers to…


Stand Along Outdoor LCD Screen

I present to you the complete guide to building a personal Multi-touch table … I believe what you will have to do is project onto the screen and cut the corners off.


Wall Mount Outdoor LCD Screen

New Touch Screen Kiosks, iPad Kiosk Stands, Interactive Kiosk, Podium Kiosk, Self Service Kiosks, Kiosk Printer.


Outdoor Stretched LCD Display

Marvel LCD create seamless LCD video walls using LCD video wall technology. Multiple seamless displays and LED screens


High Brightness LCD Panel

Marvel Outdoor Digital Signage products are a more innovative alternative to traditional signs and posters. We have a wide choice of sizes available, all of which can be used in roadsides, bus stations, communities…


Outdoor LCD System

Marvel Wall Mount LCD Monitor Arm Durable polished aluminum construction! … Marvel frees up space and allows positioning of your display for greater productivity.

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