Outdoor LCD Digital Signage with TNI panel & Optical Bonding

Have you ever hear about High TNI LCD panel?
It is one designed so prevent blackening when the display operates under higher temperature conditions such as outdoors where there is both high ambient temperatures and inevitably a high bright backlight.

A typical operating temperature rating for a high TNI panel is likely to be in the range of -30°C to 110°C, this compares to a normal LCD panel operating temperature of 85°C.

How about Optical Bonding LCD display?
It is the process of attaching the cover layer directly to an LCD display using a layer of optical grade adhesive, which means the gap between the cover glass (IK10 rate) and the display is gone.
In order to strengthen the impact resistance of the display and improve its overall performance, readability, and touch-point accuracy.

Plus Heat Exchange of cooling system, which developed by Marvel Technology, to make sure Marvel outdoor LCD Digital Signage is able to :

  • Operate properly under harsh outdoor condition (-30℃-60℃)
  • IP66/67waterproof & dustproof level
  • Maintenance-free
  • Thinner and lighter
  • Working in all weather
  • Cost effectivecompared with air conditioner solution.

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