Outdoor electronic advertising screen applied to smart community

In recent years, a new concept of community management “smart community” is emerging. It provides community residents with a safe, comfortable and convenient modern and intelligent living environment, thereby forming an information-based and intelligent social management and service system. A new management form of community. The outdoor electronic advertising screen is one of the essential facilities!

In the process of building a smart community, the role of smart community solutions cannot be underestimated. Community administrators can control the high-definition display on the outdoor LCD screen through the background cloud system, and play pictures, animations, videos and other rich and colorful mass content. Provide community residents with public service advertising content that can reflect the spirit of the community, such as advanced community announcements, spiritual civilization promotion, etc. At the same time, the community administrators can also use the advertising machine to release some common sense of life, news information, weather information, disease prevention knowledge and other information that is close to life and the masses in real time to serve the community residents.

Not only that, with the continuous advancement of outdoor display technology, outdoor electronic advertising screens equipped with high-definition touch screens are becoming more and more common, and endow advertising machine products with a more powerful interactive service experience. Community residents only need to come to the advertising machine with touch screen function, and they can independently complete services such as payment of water, electricity and gas fees, social security card information inquiry, etc., thus making community services more humanized. This means that community managers can easily complete things that previously required a lot of manpower and material resources through the background cloud system of the outdoor advertising machine, which not only saves labor costs, but also greatly improves service efficiency!

In addition to serving community residents, the outdoor electronic advertising screen system of the smart community is also a good helper for activating the local economy. Especially for the advertising machine equipped with touch screen function, on the one hand, the operator can effectively analyze the customer group and carry out targeted advertising through the data provided by the software background environment monitoring system; Display in the form of streaming media, and use the touch screen to stimulate the interaction with the public, so as to maximize the advertising effect, thereby improving the brand awareness and customer acquisition ability of the merchants, and promoting the economic development of the community.


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