Multi-people recognition body temperature application

Recently from the news we heard about the US starting the vaccine for prevent more healthy from corona virus, this news give us more faith to defeat the COVID, but the world have population around 60 billion people, if need finish all the process, it might take few years, so before this totally get under control, we still need take care about it and use some technical method to protect ourselves, like wear face masks when going out to public area, also as a manufacturer of LCD digital signage display, Marvel produced a type if multi media kiosk model, which can use for check body temperature and export the data, also remind people to wear mask and also wash hands use sanitizer

This can been use in the entrance, work with door Turnstile in airport, metro station and so on, it support 2 different mode: Multi-people recognition body temperature mode and Single people face recogniton temperature mode, detecting time less than 0.1s, save lots of labor work and more safe for public activity.  You might see this type produce in your city, it might coming from Marvel technology, who is a professional  interactive kiosk manufacturer in digital signage business area

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