Marvel new product -hand sanitizer kiosk

As we know COVID-19 is spreading around the world, we should definitely wash our hands as many times as possible. Whether you are in a company, airport, hospital, restaurant, bar, or gym, this smart machine can help you wash your hands more effectively. You don’t need to touch anything to get hand sanitizer, and the screen will even play a hand washing tutorial video for you. In addition to its health benefits, the advertising revenue coming with it can help us move towards economic recovery as well.

You will guess what product can do this ,it is hand sanitizer Lcd Display.

Let us introduce you a new LCD product for protection the COVID-19 .

1,The size it can make From 21.5inch 32inch to 43inch

2,The IR sensor for automatic dosing, clean, safe and completely touch-free.

3,They are all HD IPS LCD screen for advertising display and more, touch is optional.

1000ml volume capacity of hand sanitizer tank, and different outlets for various types of sanitizers. It can refill spray ,foam and Jell.

With Automatic Hands sanitizer dispenser build in,capacity of 1000ml hand soap maximum, can extended to 3000ml

4,Multi-Language Body Temperature Display on Screen:(English, Italy, Spain, Portugal, German, French, polish, Russian, Arabic,Chinese)

When you own this product, you will find that it is very convenient and efficient to use which can solves your worries. Just put him in a small place and he can work well for you. Thinking of this, will you be extremely grateful to the inventor of this product? I think the reply is sure . Then act quickly.

Any questions, any thanks, welcome to contact Marvel!

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