floor stand lcd digital signage failure of floor-mounted advertising machine

  After any equipment has been used for a long time, it will inevitably produce various types of failures. Floor-mounted advertising machines are used by advertisers to promote and broadcast advertisements. Under long-term operation, they will inevitably appear: white screen, flower screen, black screen, dark screen, yellowing , White spots, bright lines, bright bands, dark lines, dark bands, scratches on the outer membrane, splash screen, irregular jitter, etc., how to repair and deal with these failures?

  Failure analysis and maintenance methods of floor-mounted advertising machine screen:

  1. First check the cable, there are different wiring methods, common VGA, HDMI, etc., check whether the advertising machine is tightly inserted, or whether there are broken needles on both sides of the advertising machine connector, use hard tools (tweezers, Nail clippers, etc.) Lightly squeeze, don’t make it too large; it’s better to change a data line for broken needles;

  2. The screen cable (also known as the flat cable) of the internal screen control board of the advertising machine such as VGA and HDMI is faulty. This requires contacting the corresponding manufacturer to replace the flat cable;

  3. Motherboard problem. Some manufacturers of floor-standing advertising machine motherboards have not undergone rigorous stress testing, which is very prone to such phenomena. You can check whether the chip of the motherboard is overheated? Is the fan working properly? Is the fan blade damaged? How much dust? Is there any trace of burnt capacitors, etc.;

  4. If there is a sudden black screen on the floor-standing advertising machine, please turn off the power in time to avoid short circuit problem. After opening the back cover of the advertising machine, do you smell the burnt smell, and let professionals check the circuit to check the entire motherboard, graphics card, Whether the power board is faulty;

  5. For some windows platform users, if a splash screen appears in the advertising machine, you can check it according to the conventional computer, whether the graphics card is firmly inserted, try adjusting the screen refresh rate to upgrade the graphics card driver, etc.


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