Five advantages of marvel outdoor lcd advertising display

Marvel Outdoor LCD Advertising Display is an industrial-grade, high-performance outdoor display device that integrates information publishing, advertising, interactive applications, and e-commerce promotion. It can be widely used in business centers, city roads, shopping malls, city squares and other fields that require outdoor advertising, outdoor public information publishing, outdoor media communication and interactive touch query. It can be summarized as the following 5 basic functions:

1. Real-time bus arrival forecast: The stop sign display screen will be used to display bus arrival forecast information, including route forecast, location forecast and weather forecast.

2. Publish real-time information at the bottom of the community and shopping malls-The display can also be used to publish public information at community service stations and shopping malls, such as news summaries, government announcements, forecast weather information about road conditions, commercial announcements and financial announcements.

3. Mobile intelligent monitoring: The wireless monitoring camera on the outdoor LCD advertising machine is a security guard who can monitor the security status of the street in real time.

4. Easy information collection and display conversion: daily maintenance personnel can update the placement information of outdoor advertising machines in real time based on relevant data through the background information management center. Collected by the system in real time.

5. Multimedia information service platform: electronic parking signs for multimedia buses. Because the stop signal host is connected to the background through the network, and the background can be connected to the Internet in real time, so through this platform, you can perform human-computer interaction functions, such as signal digital stop as the center. Restaurants, pharmacies, entertainment venues, sports fields and other surrounding business information and other value-added service information within 1 km of the surrounding area, to make full use of the multimedia information publishing system platform to convert the smart parking signs on the convenient service platform.