Don’t make these mistakes when placing outdoor advertising machines

Advertisers use digital outdoor advertising machines for brand promotion in order to attract more valuable customers, but if the following mistakes occur during the advertising process, it is likely to cause the risk of customer loss.
The content of the advertising machine does not have enough depth to provide useful information to the audience. In the face of overwhelming advertising, people have become very accustomed to ignoring useless information. Therefore, the best way to create an interactive experience is to make your information valuable.
The user interface of the outdoor advertising machine is too complicated. When the user walks into the screen, they need to know exactly what to do. If the operation is too complicated, the user is likely to give up.
The display screen is too small and too dark. This may be done for cost reasons, but be aware that many advertising machines are ruthlessly ignored because of poor hardware. A screen that’s too small, too dark, or even broken, will only ruin your branding. This kind of investment will only detract from yourself, so you might as well make a budget at the beginning of the investment.


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