Marvel trade with CE FCC certification in Europe, America, Japan, the Middle East and South-East Asia. With abundant OEM & ODM experiences, with modern hardware & accustomed software within our products, competitive pricing and the best technical service for our customers product, we base suchlike on X86 PC solutions, Android solutions and digital photo frame solutions


Interactive LCD Video Wall

Marvel provides outstanding tiled visual performance, supports 24×7 operations and requires minimal installation space. Marvel utilizes cutting-edge ultra-narrow bezel LCD Video Wall resulting in a tiled bezel width as small as 5.5mm, allowing customers to…

LCD Digital Signage Menu Board

LCD Digital Signage Menu Board

Digital signage is becoming more and more attractive to all businesses and is proven to reduce costs. Digital displays can present static information and graphics or can be touch interactive displaying category specific information in a hierarchical fashion…

Marvel LCD Digital Signage

Marvel LCD Digital Signage

Marvel lcd digital display enable a wide variety of applications for countless businesses and industries. They can be installed in practically any location or public venue, such as restaurants, retail, museums, healthcare facilities, hotels, schools, universities and corporate campuses…

multi functional information kiosk

Multi-functional Information Kiosk

An information kiosk allows users to ask questions, get directions, search information, locate a house or job situation or perform an online transaction. It’ s widely used in hotel, exhibitions, roadsides, museums and so on。 Many hotels use interactive kiosk to provide access to hotel information…

outdoor digital signage manufacturer

Outdoor Digital Display

Marvel Outdoor Digital Signage products are a more innovative alternative to traditional signs and posters. We have a wide choice of sizes available, all of which can be used in roadsides, bus stations, communities…


Self-service Kiosk

Self service kiosks play a vital role in improving customer service; becoming more and more commonplace and utilized across many industries. People’ s perceptions of self service kiosks are escalating with the speedier service and convenience they offer…

touch screen table manufacturer

Touch Game Table for Entertainment

The entertainment and gaming industry is all about fun and excitement. Each time a patron approaches a machine or a table, there is the anticipation of the big win. Marvel provides touch screen game table, which plays a big role in making these games more interactive…


Transparent LCD Advertising Box

Transparent LCD Advertising Box offers exciting new ways to engage your audience. A transparent LCD Advertising Box can also be combined with touch foils or touch frames to add an interactive element to your installation….

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