Application of floor stand lcd digital signage in hotel industry

floor stand lcd digital signage can be seen in the lobby, corridors, banquet halls and other places of high-end hotels, which has greatly promoted the image of the hotel. Not only that, but also has many practical functions:

1. Information release

1. Timely release hotel emergency notices to ensure the effectiveness and timeliness of information transmission.

2. floor stand lcd digital signage can release real-time preferential information of entertainment places and tourist attractions around the hotel, display and forecast weather information, world clock, air quality and other forms of daily information to provide customers with fast and convenient various information Serve customers in a manner that improves customer satisfaction and enhances hotel services and brands.

3. The large screen shows the meeting arrangement on the day, improves the hotel grade, and reduces the waste of resources caused by paper promotion.

2. Publicity

1. Carry out hotel brand promotion to the guests staying in a targeted manner, play hotel promotional videos in a loop, improve the effectiveness and pertinence of the promotion, enhance the hotel image, and establish a better corporate culture.

2. The floor stand lcd digital signage releases the service items of the hotel in the waiting area of the lobby, using the advantages of mobile guest resources to effectively promote various businesses.

3. Cooperate with merchants to publish information, preferential activities for shopping and tourist attractions, etc., to achieve a win-win situation for hotels and merchants.

3. Real-time interaction

1. The floor stand lcd digital signage can be connected with the conference reservation system, timely release the conference site status, live conference live broadcast, and interact with customers.

2. Hold events from time to time, through real-time interaction with customers, such as: live broadcast of matches, celebrations, etc.

The above is about the application of the floor stand lcd digital signage in the hotel industry. The advertising machine can display information in the public areas of the hotel. It can be placed in the lobby, various floors, stairwells, conference halls, etc., and can be broadcast to provide a full range of services information.