Modern cities are starting to look more and more like futuristic worlds from sci-fi movies like Blade Runner.

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Technology has profoundly changed the way people behave. For many of us, digital screens are the first thing we look at in the morning and the last thing before bed. It’s all in our pockets.

We’ve become a society that’s largely grown up on digital screens, and our appetite for it is only going to grow.

By 2022, the global digital signage market is forecast to expand from US$15 billion to more than US$40 billion.

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In today’s connected world, the most successful retailers are bringing together digital and physical interactions to create a multisensory shopping experience.

The convenience of online shopping can’t be beat, but digital signage is proving to be the trump card for retailers. The benefits are many, and we’ve narrowed them down to 5 of the most compelling reasons you need to start using digital signage.

  1. Your customer has requested
    In a Nielsen survey of 1,000 shoppers accustomed to retail digital signage, 42% said they would prefer to shop in a store with a video display, and 68% said digital signage information influenced their purchasing decisions, 77% said it helped them make a decision

Shoppers already use digital screens in every aspect of their lives, so it’s almost expected to find a digital screen experience when they enter a store.

How does this affect your brand when other retailers are already engaging shoppers with digital experiences, when you are still printing information on paper? Can you afford to be seen as stale and outdated?

  1. Breathe new life into the shopping experience
    The human eye is more attracted to moving images and motion video than to static displays.

Digital signage allows you to combine text, graphics, sound and video to make your message more engaging and visually appealing.

They are versatile enough not only to inform or sell, but also to entertain your clients. Put them in the right areas, for example, and you can turn the dreaded waiting in line into a place of entertainment. Studies have shown that digital signage can reduce customer perceived wait times by up to 35%.

  1. Reduce waste and cost
    Stop and think about the cost and environmental footprint of print advertising. Trees are felled, toxic ink is used, printing and shipping costs add up, and someone has to pay to display and remove printed ads, which are then thrown away, ending up in landfills.

Although digital signage screens consume energy to run, nothing is physically produced or wasted, making it a more environmentally friendly option.

  1. Act in time with unparalleled freedom
    The retail industry is developing rapidly. To do well, you must react quickly to market conditions, whether it’s changing inventory levels or new competitor offers.

What you need is a time-sensitive ad. But printing by its very nature is time consuming. Messages must be printed, placed and deleted manually, which can lead to many missed opportunities.

With just a few simple clicks, digital signage screens allow you to communicate multiple messages, change them on the fly in real time, and schedule them to appear at different times of the day.

  1. Capture attention and keep customers engaged
    Today’s high-definition digital signage screens are simply stunning. Incredibly crisp image quality and vibrant colors mean your message will have a better chance of cutting through the noise and grabbing attention.

It just got better. Digital signage is no longer just a one-way conversation between you and your customers, you can now use it to deliver interactive content, which really opens up the types of experiences you can create for them. Think ordering kiosks, promotions and social media activations with gamification elements.

Stay tuned, because over the next few weeks we’ll dive into all the exciting and creative ways you can engage your customers with your digital signage screens.


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