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Marvel Make A Great Progress In ISE 2018

The 15th edition of ISE, held grandly at the RAI Amsterdam on 6-9 February 2017, is set to be the largest show in the fifteenth’s history. During four days’ show, ISE exhibition has attracted more than 65,000 visitors to more than 1,100 exhibitors. The worldwide manufacturers, distributors, integrators, service providers and end-users gathered together to seek more business opportunities in the AV marketplace.

lcd digital signage supplier, touch screen kiosk

lcd digital signage supplier, touch screen kiosk

As a leading LCD display supplier and manufacturer in China, Marvel participated in ISE with great confidence because this time we not only advanced our booth design by adding stylish decoration and setting up the VIP room in the booth for the valued customers, but also brought more competitive LCD products than ever before. Numerous professional customers have been attracted to Marvel 15-H240 as expected.

At ISE 2017, Marvel focused on high-end application market by showcasing the advanced glasses free 3D display ,including seamless LCD video wall, smart touch table, High brightness Outdoor Touch Screen kiosk and 3D hologram Fan display for commercial application.

outdoor lcd player manufacturer

outdoor lcd player manufacturer

lcd digital sinage manufacturer

The Market Value Of A Digital Signage

When a product enters the market, both the marketer and the user will think: how does digital signings lead us ahead of new and current competitors? It will bring us how to return? First, the digital signage provides us with a faster on-site information delivery system for the audience. We can almost immediately launch products or services, listed in front of competitors, for more time. In terms of operations, digital signage will reduce the time we need to introduce new products, services or promote our brands. We can do all the things in real time, and our current advertising method is expensive and cumbersome. Second, digital signage helps us to improve – like all of our IT systems, they can help us implement things faster and speed up part of the process with minimal risk and cost. Digital signage has a similar purpose.

Digital signage provides easy access to information about products and services, helping to influence the decision-making process and enabling them to update what is being done by us (advertisers) to meet and meet customer expectations. In the future, digital signage may move toward mobile, enabling customers to communicate between digital signage and mobile phones. We can show the content in a new way to the customer, need them to interact, to provide users with a unique user experience, not only to meet their expectations, and beyond their expectations. Of course this will also be the direction of our future efforts.

outdoor digital signage waterproof IP65,

Waterproof IP65 Outdoor Digital Signage With Touch Screen

LCD Digital Signage Available technologies: Available technologies enable us to manage our messages conveniently and remotely. The LCD digital label sets the start and end dates for a specific campaign. Can stream video, real-time display of social media resources, support a variety of video formats: MP4.AVI.DIVX.XVID.VOB.DAT.MPG.RM.RMVB.MKB.MOV.M4V.PMP.AVC.FLV
Supported music formats: Mp3.WINA.OGG.AAC.AC.DTS.FLAC.APE Image format: JPEG.BMP.GIF.DWG. Of course, now our advertising machine can link Wifi, support 3G, 4G and other network use.

Digital signage cabinets can help us maximize display efficiency, no matter how the weather, we can outdoor outdoors advertising-Outdoor Digital Signage. Through the shell, we can control the temperature, extend the service life of the digital signage network, and reduce the cost of maintenance, repair or replacement. We will also reduce the risk of downtime.
The diversity of technology means that we can do a lot of things with digital signage.Marvel Technology(China)Co.Ltd is one of the biggest manufacturer/supplier of digital signage,touch table LCD video wall. Our products LCD display with good quality and price.Looking forward to have a connection with you.

interactive solution digital signage supplier

Interactive Solution Digital Signage-China Supplier

transparent lcd display box with hd panel

Transparent LCD Display Offer A New Ways In Advertising

The combination of HD LCD technology with a transparent screen substrate opens up creative avenues that were previously closed with traditional LCD screens. Solid black pixels on a transparent background can be used in intriguing ways to hide (and gradually reveal) whatever is behind the screen.

These screens can also be granted touch capability by combining them with touch foils or touch frames, to add an interactive element to your installation. This creates a very powerful impact when the content on screen integrates with real life objects behind the screen, encouraging viewers to interact on a level that will exceed expectations.

46 inch transparent lcd showcase

46 inch transparent lcd showcase

Retail windows, interactive booths, display cases, interactive games, vending machines, drinks coolers… the uses for this amazing technology are limited only by your creativity. Transparent LCD technology is ideal for being used as part of a showcase or display case. We can offer bespoke housing for our range of screens, including display cases, counters, POS displays, exhibition stands, furniture and cabinets. Custom housings for our range of transparent LCD screens

Transparent LCD Display Cases offer exciting new ways to engage your audience. The HD LCD technology combined with a transparent screen substrate opens up creative avenues that have never been an option with traditional LCD screens. Presenting solid black pixels on a transparent background can offer intriguing ways to deliver visual information to your audience, being used to reveal or conceal whatever is behind the screen. In Hotels、restaurant、shopping malls、buildings、Supermarket、Media、retail stores, opening up a wide range of new opportunities in retail and marketing.


Most Common Misconceptions About Video Walls

4K Native Resolution is a Must
There’s been quite a bit off buzz surrounding 4k displays from consumer-grade TV giants such as Sony and Samsung. The recent CES even has people talking about 8k! If you’re unfamiliar with the term “4K”, it simply refers to the resolution of the screen, which, for 16:9 displays, is 3840 x 2160. You can also interpret it as being 4x the amount of pixels as a 1920 x 1080 resolution. Even though the resolution is doubled, 1920 x 1080 -> 3840 x 2160, the pixel math comes out to being 4 times as much, hence “4K” resolution.

Despite its high price (relative to 1080p) and the persistent scarcity of corresponding 4K content, the hype surrounding 4K monitors continues to grow. We at GPO Display have also seen an increased interest in 4K LCD video wall monitors, but we’re not so sure that the market is at a point where the average end-user knows what they’re asking for when inquiring about 4k video wall panels.

The modular nature of video wall monitors means that one can increase the native resolution of an array by adding more panels. For example, a 2 by 2 video wall features a 3840 x 2160 (4K) native resolution (see Fig. 1). This is more than sufficient for the vast majority of video wall applications. All one needs to make full use of this is a player, PC or processor with four or more outputs. The typical viewing distance of video walls means that the aggregate 4k+ native resolution of an array is equal to or greater than the resolution which can be perceived by the human eye. With this in mind, 4k resolution on each individual panel seems to be overkill.

While Ultra Narrow Bezel 4k lcd video wall would be a welcome option for certain applications with extremely small viewing distances (such as touch-enabled video walls), we think 1920 x 1080 remain the standard for Ultra Narrow Bezel LCD video walls for at least the remainder of this calendar year.


QSR + Digital Signage Displays = The Ultimate Happy Meal

Walking into a quick-service restaurant these days often means seeing a row of digital signage displays behind the counter, as LCD screens rapidly replace static back-lit posters.
With an estimated 50 to 70 percent of QSR sales occurring in the drive-thru, taking digital menu boards outdoors is the next logical evolution for the industry. A report by Futuresource Consulting in 2014 suggested that only 1 percent of the potential market for outdoor displays had so far been tapped.

As a reminder of why the drive-thru is important, much of Australia’s eastern seaboard recently copped an unseasonal lashing from the weather gods. As the rain pelted down, the number of drive-thru QSR customers surged as they avoided the drenching that comes from the 100-meter parking lot dash.

The drive-thru customer experience is all about speed and convenience. Having the right menu and message at the right time is important. In the past, business owners had two choices: Display all menu items — breakfast, lunch and dinner — on the one menu board all day long, or use two-sided menu boards that could be flipped during the day. Talk about overwhelming the customer.

The National Restaurant Association’s 2015 Industry Forecast showed 41 percent of the critical 18- to 34-year-old target demographic says technology is an important factor when they choose a restaurant, and the next age bracket — 35 to 44 years — wasn’t far behind at 39 percent. The NRA’s research found that technology improves speed and convenience for consumers.The restaurant is filled with digital signage advertising machine – playing your product more able to attract your customers.